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M1ROBA Fentech

The fully automated machine for sanding of single piece profiles in the window industry is designed for wood fine sanding, impregnation sanding and lacquer sanding.


M2ROBA Profile

The sanding machine Roba Profile is constructed for wood and intermediate lacquer sanding of moldings with the help of brush tools and compound sanding wheels.


M3ROBA Duplex

The belt sanding machine has been developed for MDF, white wood, sealer and primer sanding purposes.


M4ROBA Struktumat

ROBA Struktumat is the alternative in the area of distressing applications for a fair price relation. The concept is used for Creating rustic styled surfaces on solid wood or veneered panels and Cleaning after distressing processes.



The patented Roba Tech principle is used for the sanding of flat and profile surfaced.


M6ROBA Split Belt

The ROBA Split Belt principle is used for the sanding of flat and profiled surfaces, optimized for lacquer sanding.


M7ROBA Anti Dust

ROBA Anti Dust, the alternative cleaning solution for furniture parts is suitable for cleaning of furniture parts before lacquer application, cleaning of furniture parts before lamination and cleaning of furniture parts before packing.



The ROBA REP sanding machine has been developed for MDF, white wood, primer and intermediate lacquer sanding of edges.



The ROBA Belt brush belt sanding system is a unique development of MB for molding and panel processing.


M10ROBA Fusion

The double-sided edge shaping machine ROBA Fusion has been developed for the milling of edges of furniture and interior doors.


M11ROBA Twin Flat

The ROBA Twin Flat is developed especially for the window manufacturers who do single-piece-production of window rails. However, it also finds possible implementations in joinery workshops and industrial plants.

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