ROBA Anti Dust

ROBA Anti Dust, the alternative cleaning solution for furniture parts is suitable for the following operation areas:

  • Cleaning of furniture parts before lacquer application
  • Cleaning of furniture parts before lamination
  • Cleaning of furniture parts before packing

Cleaning method

The ROBA Anti Dust as throughfeed or stand-alone solution guarantees high productivity with best cleaning results. Mostly the machine is placed directly in front of a finishing line or right after a sander.

Many companies have the problem of imbedded dirt and dust residues after lacquer application. These particles are not removable anymore, as they are placed under the lacquer layer. That means a perfect cleaning of all parts before finishing is a must.

Standard machines solve the cleaning problem only insufficient due to several reasons: cross drums are only able to remove dust from the grooves in feed direction, leaving dust in the transversal grooves. Wrong configurated brushes and small tool diameter don’t offer the capacity to collect large dust volumes.

The new ROBA Anti Dust line solves the problem with the help of an additional cross unit, a double brush rotating clockwise and counterclockwise, a Noodle Blower at the machine exit, several Ionization Bars and extra-large brushes equipped with very effective Ostrich Feathers. This combination takes care that the whole part is completely cleaned, even in complicated details. Cleaned this way, the parts will pass the so called “Black T-Shirt Test”.

On demand the machine is also deliverable with a bottom cleaning unit.


Advantages of the ROBA Anti Dust principle

  1. Optimized cleaning from dust and dirt residues
  2. Cleans all contours, even millings transverse to feed direction
  3. As option the machine can be delivered with bottom unit for backside cleaning
  4. Cleaning media configuration is freely selectable from the MB Flex system.
  5. Ionizing bars from above and below discharge the parts
  6. Effective blower system at the end of the machine

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