ROBA Profile

The ROBA Profile sanding machine is designed for wood and lacquer sanding of moldings with sanding brushes and sanding discs, as well for light structuring work.

The ROBA Profile is characterized by its stable construction and ease of use. It is manufactured as a one- to four-sided machine, but also in a customized designs according to customer requirements.

Sanding method

The main idea of the ROBA Profile sanding principle is the clockwise followed by counterclockwise sanding of the double brushes: only this way ensures that, independently of the wood grain structure, all upstanding material fibers are denibbed. The standard configuration of the ROBA Profile machine line is left-right-top. Equipped with clockwise and counterclockwise rotating, extra-large sanding tools and oscillation of all aggregates, to fully utilize the sanding abrasives, the machine guarantees perfect results.

Programmable and motorized aggregate positioning, spring loaded top pressure roller system and centralized side stop set-up results in fast and easy profile changes. The standard configuration of the ROBA Profile machine line is left-right-top, but the modular system of the ROBA Profile line allows customizing it exactly to customer needs. Solid wood, MDF and lacquer sanding, even at high speeds, will be no problem with this machine. Fine tuning of the sanding result will be done with the help of the MB Flex brush system that is produced at MB exactly to customer needs.

Advantages of the ROBA Profile principle summarized

  1. Clockwise followed by counterclockwise sanding ensures best results.
  2. Pressure roller system will hold work pieces from 330mm safely. Back-to-back feeding of shorter parts is also possible.
  3. Centralized set up for the side guides and top pressure system.
  4. Very easy maintenance and set-up.
  5. Extra-large tools improve the sanding result.
  6. Infinite variable setting of the head rotations and feed speed.
  7. Oscillation of the sanding aggregates for better utilization of the abrasives.
  8. High feed speeds are technical possible.
  9. Modular construction meets every customer demand without complicating the machine.
  10. Abrasive configuration is freely selectable from the MB Flex system.

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