The molding sanding machine ROBA SSM is specifically designed for MDF and intermediate lacquer sanding of moldings using sanding wheels.

The ROBA SSM is distinguished by its robust construction and easy adjustability of all components. It is manufactured as a one- to three-sided machine, but also available in customized designs according to customer requirements.


Sanding method

The main idea of the ROBA SSM sanding principle is the clockwise followed immediately by counterclockwise sanding: Only this way it ensures that, independently of the wood grain structure, all upstanding fibers are denibbed.
The used sanding wheels need be negative shaped in relation to the profile contour. This is either done during the ongoing process or on a separate contouring machine.

Are the incorporated tools in process, an automatic wear compensation takes care of the decreasing tool diameter.
The tools are constantly re-shaping themselves what guarantees a high profile accuracy. In this way all molding details are always sanded precisely while avoiding an undesirable strong rounding of the contour edges.

During processing the sanding pressure is kept continuously on the value stored in sanding program, resulting in a consistent surface finish.
An implemented sanding wheel step-in and step-out automatism ensures a preserved use of abrasive tools and protects the front and trail edge of the workpieces from over rounding.

As a special feature the side units, provided that they do not sand profiled contours, can be used with an oscillation mechanism. In this case the workpiece thickness will be saved in the sanding program and will be considered by the PLC to calculate the oscillation stroke.

In this way the sanding tool is always used in full extension and there is no incorporation of the profile into the sanding wheel. This avoids a tool change of the side sanding units in most cases if new moldings are coming to the machine.

In case the given molding requires a negative shaped tool, the oscillation stroke can be deselected within the sanding program.
Further all aggregate positions will be stored in the sanding program and will be approached automatically. In addition all other sanding parameters such as feed rate, wheel rotations, sanding pressure and cycle time of the wear compensation will also be deposited.

Spring preloaded pressure rollers and scaled stop settings make the conversion to a new ­profile very comfortable.

The modular design of this series can be configured for all conceivable tasks and feed speeds.

Advantages of ROBA SSM principle

  1. Clockwise and counterclockwise sanding wheel rotation improves the result.
  2. Spring preloaded pressure rollers minimize the adjustment effort.
  3. Central adjustment of the side stops and the pressure roller using scales.
  4. Sanding aggregate oscillation ensures an optimal tool wear and improves the surface quality.
  5. All sanding parameters and aggregate ­positions are stored in sanding programs.
  6. Encapsulated machine increases safety and eliminates dust strain.
  7. Technically also high feed rates can be ­realized.
  8. Modular construction meets every ­customers demand without complicating the machine.
  9. Abrasive configuration is freely selectable from the MB Flex system.

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