ROBA Fentech

The fully automated machine for sanding of single piece profiles in the window industry is designed for the following applications:

  • Wood fine sanding
  • Impregnation sanding
  • Lacquer sanding

Sanding method

The new piece-by-piece production style for window components offers many advantages to increase productivity within all production steps, but the biggest leap can be achieved in the surface finishing. Here a high personnel input has always been necessary, moreover the variation of parts in window production is very high. Therefore only a highly automated sanding solution is applicable.

The same principle also applies to the sanding of moldings of any kind.

Time-consuming adjustment of the Fentech is not necessary, what is made possible by the scanner-based part recognition at the machine inlet and the subsequent axis-controlled adjustment of the sanding units. All profile cross-sections are recognized and implemented in a corresponding sanding program for four-sided processing. The workpiece scanning calculates the part geometry and tells the aggregates in fractions of a second the position to move to. As soon all units are in position, the workpiece is released and send through the machine.

Extra-large 400mm diameter sanding tools provide a maximized contact area with the work piece; a jump control of the sanding heads ensures a gentle short edge treatment and prolongs the life span of the abrasives. All aggregates have an optimized PLC controlled oscillating stroke. Taking the part height and width into account, the stroke is always calculated in a way that all sanding brushes are fully utilized.

A novelty is the vacuum transport system, making it possible to send all kind of parts through the machine. Even short parts, that previously could not be integrated in the sanding process, do not pose a problem anymore. This type of transport system makes it possible to work without any side stops and top pressure roller, what considerably simplifies operation.
The operator has the option to use the machine as a through feed machine or enable a part reversion function in the sanding program. In this case the parts are send through the machine with 20m/min for sanding and after this returned to the operator in high-speed mode. In this way a one-personnel-operation is possible at any time. Parts that require an intensive treatment even can be sanded a second time during the return process. For large volumes of similar workpieces, the throughfeed option is ideal, since the repeated parts scan can be dispensed.

The machine does not need any set-up to be able to sand any incoming profile. The machine operator only needs to fill and unload. Molding batches stay together and do not need any sorting for the sanding procedure. This increases productivity tremendously.


Advantages of the ROBA Fentech principle

  1. Automatic work piece detection by scanner at machine infeed
  2. Motorized positioning of all sanding units
  3. Oscillating aggregates optimize the abrasive utilization
  4. Tool diameter of 400mm to optimize sanding quality
  5. Inclined profiles will be top sanded in the respective best angle
  6. The machine can be used in throughfeed or reversion mode for one-personnel-operation
  7. Vacuum transport system for processing short parts.
  8. Encapsulated design for increased safety and dust-free environment.
  9. Compact and space saving design.
  10. Abrasive configuration is freely selectable from the MB Flex system.

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