The ROBA REP sanding machine has been developed for MDF, white wood, primer and intermediate lacquer sanding of edges.

  • Joiner‘s workshops
  • Industrial plants
  • Cabinet door producers
  • Door production

Sanding method

Edge sanding of solid wood and MDF doors in furniture and interior construction industry is a major challenge in terms of results and effectiveness. Straight or profiled workpiece edges, with constantly changing workpiece sizes, need to be processed. The new ROBA REP edge sanding machine from MB approaches this task with a completely new concept. It is developed with the aim of sanding furniture and interior doors, starting at lot size one, with high quality and high throughput. The ROBA REP is able to handle large workpiece quantities which come from modern CNC-controlled production machines. For this purpose the sanding units, which consist of a left and right double brush, were placed in a short, fully encapsulated machine body. The sanding brushes turn clockwise and counterclockwise to ensure that all wood fibers are safely cut. A brush head jump control ensures that the part corners are not overrounded, an automatic up and down oscillation ensures that the abrasives are always fully utilized. Depending on the contour of the edges, the aggregates can be arranged perpendicularly or at an angle. By means of an automated width detection the workpieces are automatically measured in the flow at the machine inlet and the processing units are positioned with high-speed servo axes accordingly. This means that all parts can be fed to the machine indiscriminately and the use of the MB brush technology eliminates the need for any set-up work. Since the actual sanding unit is very short, the workpieces leave the work area very quickly, which makes the machine immediately ready for a new workpiece. Thus, large quantities can be processed with short cycle times.

The four-sided sanding is carried out in combination with a fast part turning station. After the parts have left the first sanding cell, they are rotated on an intermediate transport conveyor and fed to a second sanding cell. Here the processing logic is the same as described above and the high throughput of parts is not adversely affected. For customers who need less capacity, need to save space or prefer the attractive budget of an edge sanding cell with one unit, MB offers the ROBA REP with reversing operation, which stops the parts after leaving the sanding cell and then sends it back to the operator in rapid traverse.

Advantages of the ROBA REP principle

  1. Fully automated sanding process for edges.
  2. No set-up work.
  3. Loading the machine without any consideration of part dimensions.
  4. High throughput.
  5. Perfect sanding results thanks to MB brush technology.
  6. Abrasive configuration is freely selectable from the MB Flex system.

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