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ROBA Profi Edge

The edge sanding machine has been developed for MDF, white wood, intermediate lacquer and MDF primer sanding.


  • Joiner’s workshops
  • Industrial plants
  • Cabinet door producers
  • Door production
ROBA Profi Edge

Sanding method

The ROBA Profi Edge is a solution for sanding edges and fillings of all occurrences. Using a sanding belt, which is fitted with abrasive brushes, guarantees an effective machining of the workpieces.

Full surface contact and dragging processing ensures that even the end grain areas of solid wood parts are perfectly sanded. When sanding MDF upstanding fibers are removed and the surface is smoothened. In both cases the further processing in the painting department is facilitated considerably.

The machine has two sanding belts: a horizontally aligned, responsible for the sanding of the vertical plain edge areas of a workpiece, a pivotable responsible for the sanding of the upper shaped contours.

To make the processing user-friendly and to ensure a quick changeover, the positions of the sanding units and all involved parameters are stored in a program to be initiated by selecting a program number or using a bar code reader. The aggregates move numerically controlled into the stored position and all sanding parameters are updated.

The actual sanding position is approached via vertical aggregate movement in high speed mode, the sanding area itself will be executed in processing speed and a programmed time.

For the four edges of a cabinet door or an insert panel different processing times can be stored in the program, as e.g. the end grain area always requires a more intensive sanding. MDF parts, however, have usually always the same processing times.

For customers who, for example, only want to sand shaped insert panels that do not have a vertical edge to be sanded, the ROBA Profi Edge is offered in a version only with the swiveling aggregate installed. All features of the machine as described above are retained in this version.

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