ROBA Duplex

The belt sanding machine has been developed for MDF, white wood, sealer and primer sanding purposes.


  • Joiner’s workshops
  • Industrial plants
  • Wooden stairs manufacturers
  • Furniture door producers

The ROBA Duplex is famous for its simple operation and optimal results. Processing times are considerably shortened.

Sanding method

The ROBA Duplex uses a divided sanding belt that is equipped with slots. 100mm long sanding brushes with the desired grit are inserted from above and below into these slots.

This means that two different abrasive trimmings can be used, for example a K120 grit at the top for coarse sanding and a K240 grit at the bottom for lacquer sanding. The pneumatic lifting from sanding area to sanding area is executed by a switch. This means that there is no time-consuming machine set-up necessary if you want to change the process.

The system is based on a belt system instead of cylindrical sanding brushes. The advantage over cylindrical tools is obvious: the belt ensures a flat and wave-free sanding. The workpieces are only pressed against the sanding belt and do not have to be laboriously guided past the tool. This results in significantly shorter processing times, while offering improved sanding quality. A constant oscillation of the unit ensures better utilization of the sanding media and blurs possible sand marks.

MB has developed a Twin Duplex for companies who need more capacity when working with the ROBA Duplex. This machine has a sanding belt accessible from both sides and, equipped with two worktables, can be used by two operators at the same time.

If long workpieces, such as tabletops, must be edge sanded, MB offers the ROBA Duplex XL. Here the user has a work area of approx. 1950mm. For very high workpieces, such as drawers, a ROBA Duplex with a 350mm sanding area is available.

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