ROBA Bottom Sander

The ROBA Bottom Sander machine line is constructed for bottom sanding of work pieces in a through feed process for the following applications:

  • Intermediate lacquer sanding
  • White wood sanding
  • MDF sanding
ROBA Bottom Sander

Sanding method

Furniture and furniture parts manufacturers who proceed their work pieces in sanding lines, face the problem that there is the need to turn their pieces and send them through the line again, if the back side sanding needs to be addressed. This reduces the capacity of the sanding line and causes additional costs.

Therefore many of these users decide to integrate a MB Bottom Sander in their lines. In this way they sand their parts in one pass from top and bottom to be able to transfer them immediately to further processing.
In the basic configuration the Bottom Sander machine series contains a disc system what is a solid basic layout for those customers, who wish an optimized price-performance ratio.

Due to the modular design of this series also other sanding systems, such as a double brush aggregate enhancement, is available. The possibility of different aggregate combinations allows the customer to arrange a machine for his specific application.

A from top working vacuum transport feeds the work pieces secure over all sanding units, which work from the bottom.

In this way the work piece backs have uniformly rounded edges and a perfect surface finish.

Advantages of ROBA Bottom Sander principle

  1. Easy integration into every sanding line.
  2. Perfect complement to all top working MB surface sanding machines.
  3. Vacuum transport system feeds the work pieces secure over the sanding units.
  4. Machine operated with Touch Screen control, all parameters are programmable.
  5. Modular machine design for various aggregate configurations.
  6. Infinitely variable setting of all sanding movements and feed speed.
  7. Abrasive configuration is freely selectable from the MB Flex system.

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