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ROBA Fusion

The double-sided edge shaping machine ROBA Fusion has been developed for the milling of edges of furniture and interior doors.

  • Interior work and joinery
  • Industry
  • Furniture fronts producers
  • Door producers

Working procedure

Modern „lot size one“ production puts high demands on production planning and technical equipment. Part of this is the formatting and edge shaping of furniture and interior doors. This is usually done by double end tenoners who have integrated all necessary milling and sanding units and enable high performance with components of same size. But here the necessary long machine construction has disadvantages for those producers who have to process completely variable part sizes. There is the need to empty the entire machine before you can make the next width adjustment.

It takes a smart solution to give furniture fronts, that come with completely variable outer dimensions to the shaper, a high-throughput edge processing. The ROBA Fusion from MB Maschinenbau tackles the problem with a completely new concept. In order to make the required fast width adjustment, the machine has been designed to be particularly short and compact. The faster the workpieces leave the machine, the earlier the adjustment. The needed position must be determined fully automatically in through feed.

The completely redesigned ROBA Fusion consists of a fixed left and a high-speed servo drive positioned right milling unit carrier. On the infeed conveyor belt the furniture front width, which outer dimensions are unknown so far, is determined in through feed by means of two lasers. The determined dimension is communicated to the machine and the right-hand milling units move fast to the required position. The furniture front is drawn into the work area and as it passes through the zone, the edge contours are processed by four milling cutters.

Two 11KW HSK63 spindles per machining side, working in constant and in reverse rotation, are each equipped with a tool changer with 12 free spaces. The required tool values have been stored in advance in the controller and calculated as the necessary information to position the units. This is done by means of high-precision and dynamic servo drives in high-speed mode.

A solid welded steel construction with a high-precision granite block aggregate carrier, powerful spindle design, freely programmable milling speed, constant and reverse rotation of the tools and a sophisticated part transport by means of a driven top pressure system, ensure a high surface quality and dimensional accuracy of the parts. A jump control of the spindles ensures a tear-free milling of the door corners in the end grain area.

In case the ROBA Fusion edge shaper is in line with a ROBA REP edge sander and a return system, that moves the fronts back to the beginning of the line to proceed the unprocessed two sides, you have perfect complete machining. With a capacity of up to 3,000 four-sided machined fronts per shift, without any adjustments, the ROBA Fusion / ROBA REP combination is a highly effective solution.

Advantages of the ROBA Fusion principle

  1. Ideal „lot size one“ solution for a four sided edge shaping.
  2. High-precision design for absolutely dimensionally and angularly stable milled workpieces.
  3. Servo controlled and dynamic axis movements for high part throughput.
  4. Laser based part measurement automatically moves milling units into position.
  5. Tool changer with 12 free spaces.
  6. HSK63 high-performance spindles produce a ­perfect shaping pattern.

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