The patented ROBA Tech principle is used for the deburring and edge rounding of all kind of metal sheets.

The rotational brush belt system for optimal processing in the field of:

  • deburring of Laser, Stamp, Plasma and Water Jet cut metal parts
  • edge rounding
  • with or without protection foil cover
  • surface finishing

Due to its innovative sanding method the ROBA Tech offers for all these areas optimal prerequisites for perfect deburring and edge rounding results.


Work piece hold down with vacuum or individually jig system according customer demands.

The main idea of the ROBA Tech principle is to avoid the main disadvantage of all today known rotational brushing machines: Those who work with sanding drums with a diameter of about 310 mm are only in a very small area in touch with the work piece, about 20 mm. Only in the vertex of the circumference of the tool a deburring process is possible. To compensate the very small sanding area normal brush systems have to increase their rotation speed to a high degree. Only in this way they have a chance to be effective. But this results a “hard touch” of the sanding paper which leads to an aggressive behavior on the surface, high temperatures, short abrasive life span.

The innovative and patented ROBA Tech is equipped with a totally new developed brush belt containing 174 sanding strips, provides a sanding area of approx. 1300 x 1500 mm in touch with the work piece and contains more than 250 meter of abrasive material. This is unique on the market of metal brush machines. A 360 ° rotation of the sanding aggregate makes it possible to reach consistently all edges and corners of a work piece. Due to the extremely enlarged sanding area in connection with high abrasive quantities, the machine guarantees best deburring and edge rounding results.

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