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MB Flex

The brush sanding system is used in the woodworking industry for white wood and sealer sanding, as well as for polishing oil and wax applications. The sanding brush consists of a core to accommodate the abrasive segments. The core is not a subject of wear and because of this he can be used with new sanding segments for different jobs at any time.

Due to the plug-in brush system the sanding heads can be set up in different configurations. With this possibility the customer can prepare an abrasive brush which is suitable for a wide range of work pieces with different requirements.


The MB Flex program consists of a wear-free sanding core which has, depending on the core diameter, a varying number of keyways. Starting with a sanding core of 56mm diameter and 12 slots, up to a sanding core with a diameter of 280mm and 54 slots, 11 different combinations are possible. The MB Flex standard core is made out of resistant aluminum and has a diameter of 160mm with 36 keyways.

As sanding media different brush height of 30mm, 45mm, 60mm and 75mm are available. A grit range from K24 to K400 using Aluminum Oxide or Silicon Carbide can be delivered. Depending on the local possibilities the core diameter in combination with the selected abrasive strips should always target a maximum diameter. The larger the diameter, the more abrasives are involved, the better the sanding result and the lifespan of the tools.

The selection of the abrasive slotting depends on the sanding task. The finer the contour to be sanded, the narrower the slit must be chosen accordingly. Flat work pieces demand a wider slit of 20 mm or more. This is particularly recommended for solid wood sanding. In case of burned through edges during a base coat sanding processes the slot width should be reduced.

Another variation on the MB Flex system is the “Super Flex” support brush. This brush is recommended whenever surface scratches or burned through edges must be avoided. Particularly in the field of sealer sanding this kind of support brush has proven very useful.

Since the MB Flex brush system must also be suitable for machines of other brands, MB offers dove tails with different dimensions. In this way the customer can be sure that he is always able to use the proven MB quality on his machine.

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