ROBA Profi Disc

ROBA Profi Disk

Operation areas
The Roba Profi Disc principle is used for sanding of flat and grooved surfaces. Constructed for the following operation areas:

  • Intermediate lacquer sanding
  • White wood sanding
  • MDF sanding

Sanding method

These optional combinations allow the user to set-up a machine for his specific application demands. The double brush consists of a pair of sanding drums. One working clockwise, followed directly by a counterclockwise unit: Only in this way it is ensured that, independently of the wood grain structure, all upstanding „hairs“ are denibbed. The double brush is followed by a Profi Disc system that sands the work piece in all corners and edges. This is made possible by the 3-axis disc system which is a special MB design: four rotating 200mm disc tools with 14 abrasive strips each are mounted on three master discs that also rotate. Additionally the entire unit oscillates back and forth. All axes movements can be regulated separately. Due to this the sanding pattern can be influenced visibly. This kinematics is copying the hand sanding process of an orbital sander and guarantees a uniform surface structure.

An optional cleaning unit at the machine end contains a specially manufactured cleaning brush, an ionizing bar and air knife.

In the basic configuration the encapsulated machine has a pressure roller hold-down system. For small work pieces the machine can be equipped with a vacuum transport, further on with a motorized height adjustment of the aggregates.

Advantages of the Roba Profi Disc principle

  1. The sanding method copies the procedure of orbital hand sanding
  2. Invisible sanding pattern
  3. Work pieces are sanded in all areas
  4. Tool less changing of the discs
  5. Various machine configurations possible
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