ROBA Profi Clean

ROBA Profi Clean

Operation areas

  • Backside cleaning of thermofoiled doors
  • Cleaning of laminated furniture panels

Advantages of the Roba Profi Clean principle

  1. Optimized cleaning from dust and glue residues
  2. Optimal rounding of sharp edges

Cleaning method

The Roba Profi Clean machine line guarantees as a through feed solution high productivity. As a stand-alone solution for large quantities or directly behind the turnover/backside trimming equipment of a thermofoiling line. The only solution that is able to feed a complete batch of doors coming out of a membrane press.

During this operation the laminated fronts get cleaned from glue residues and simultaneously all four edges are slightly rounded without the risk of delamination. Therefore the parts do not require any further processing steps and can be forwarded directly to the packaging. This is ensured by two or four clockwise and counterclockwise working cleaning drums, which are equipped with special cotton brushes.
Further on this machine is also able to show its high capability in the cleaning of all other laminated furniture parts.

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