Operation areas

The Roba Belt brush belt sanding system is a unique development of MB for molding and panel processing.

Operational areas are solid wood, MDF und veneer sanding, as well as sealer sanding.

  • Intermediate lacquer sanding
  • White wood sanding
  • MDF sanding

Sanding method

The main idea of the Roba Belt principle is to avoid the main disadvantage of all today known drum based brush sanding machines: Those who work normally with sanding drums with a diameter of about 310 mm are only in a very small area in touch with the work piece, about 30 mm. Only in the vertex of the circumference of the tool a sanding process is possible. To compensate the very small sanding area normal sanding systems have to increase their rotation speed to a high level. Only this way they have a chance to get the needed effectiveness. But this results a „hard touch“ of the sanding paper which leads to an aggressive behavior on the edges, high temperatures and wavy optic of the material. Hurt edges and totally denibbed surfaces are often the result. The innovative Roba Belt is equipped with a totally new developed sanding belt containing 122 sanding strips providing a sanding area of approx. 750 x 300 mm in touch with the work piece and more than 35 meter of sanding
material on each aggregate. This is unique in the market of brush sanding machines for profiled moldings.

The Roba Belt machine in all configurations is built for sanding moldings found in various furniture, window and joinery companies. Solid, veneered or lacquered. Especially in the flooring and housing industry this machine is often used, due to the very high feed speeds necessary.

Due to the modular construction of the Roba Belt line, the machine can be configured to every customer demand, to a four sided sanding layout. In the main configuration the Roba Belt machine contains one RB300 sanding unit and a pressure roller system.

Configured in this way it is a solid basic layout for those customers who wish an optimized price-performance ratio. Equipped with the MB Flex brush system the machine is very easy and fast maintained to be set up for a new profile. Divergently to the known systems based on sanding belts the Roba Belt brush system forgives a not strictly exact setting of the aggregates. Centralized set up for the side guides and the top pressure devices make sure that even not experienced personnel is able to maintain such a machine. In only a couple of minutes a Roba Belt is ready to proceed.

Further on this machine type is used for intermediate lacquer sanding. For that mostly feed speeds up to 100‚Äâm/min. are necessary and often required by the customers. The standard working width is 300 mm, as an option 500 mm is also available.

For high-speed machining of moldings MB developed a new transport system. The transport rollers get bearings on both sides and are connected by a solid belt drive. In the area of the sanding units the transport system is designed in a way that the abrasive medium can plunge under the transport level.

This gives an even more intense pressure of the brushes on the work piece surface, which leads to a significant increase in quality.

In this way all Roba Belt users can rely on the easy set-up of a brush sander, without the need to take any quality disadvantages into account.

Advantages of the Roba Belt principle summarized

  1. Large quantities of sanding paper and wide sanding area are highly effective.
  2. Pressure roller feed parts from 1100 mm length safely. Feeding back-to-back of shorter parts is also possible.
  3. Centralized set up for the side guides and top pressure system.
  4. Very easy maintenance and set-up.
  5. A „pulling“ sanding avoids wavy surfaces and penetrates deeply into the milled grooves.
  6. Infinite variable set-up of the head rotations and feed speed.
  7. High feed speeds are technical possible..
  8. Modular construction meets every customer demand without complicating the machine.
  9. Abrasive configuration is freely selectable from the MB Flex system.
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