ROBA Struktumat

ROBA Struktumat

Operation areas

Roba Struktumat is the alternative in the area of distressing applications for a fair price relation. The concept is used for:

  • Creating rustic styled surfaces on solid wood or veneered panels
  • Cleaning after distressing processes

The Struktumat machine line guarantees as a through feed solution high productivity.

Distressing method

The machine is equipped with a constant desk level and strong and solid motor drives up to 15 KW power. Machine for industrial use satisfying high expectations. To be integrated into every production line. The basic machine is set up with two units but can be equipped with further aggregates to achieve even more intense results.

Depending on customer demands the machine will be set-up with special distressing tools. According to the intensity of distressing MB uses steel brushes that brush out the soft grain while leaving the hard grain untouched. The following Nylon brush will give the rustic style an even more optical depth and removes wood fibers that would negatively interfere the finishing.

Advantages of the Roba Struktumat principle

  1. Optimal distressed and finished surfaces
  2. Optimal fine-tuned results due to motorized axis setting
  3. Programming and machine control with the help of a Touch Screen
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